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Our Work

Examples of work, including New Art Collective, Wardrobe Organiser and Galactic Trading.

Oliver's Portfolio website screenshot

Oliver's Portfolio

This site was designed to be the portfolio for my photography work in order to keep some of the work separate from the professional work offered here..

New Art Collective website screenshot

New Art Collective

I designed and developed a website dedicated to showcasing the diverse artwork of talented artists. The website not only serves as a comprehensive gallery, allowing visitors to appreciate the diversity of the artists' creations but also provides a way for interested individuals to contact the client in order to purchase copies of the artwork.

Wardrobe Organiser website screenshot

Wardrobe Organiser

Created a website to promote their Wardrobe Re-vamp services.

Galactic Trading website screenshot

Galactic Trading

Created a Shopify store for them to sell their items through.