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Welcome to the OC Digital Services page, we offer a range of bespoke solutions that cater to your diverse needs. Our expertise spans from intricate web development to captivating visual storytelling. Explore our comprehensive services below:


Our photography services cover a wide spectrum, ranging from expressive portraits to the intricate details of products. Whether it’s the allure of interior and exterior architecture or the dynamism of live events, concerts, and sports, our lens captures it all.

Video Production

Elevate your brand’s narrative with our video production services. With a wealth of experience in shooting and editing, we’re equipped to handle every facet of your video requirements. From concept creation to post-production, we ensure your message is impeccably conveyed.

Aerial Photography and Videography

At OC Digital, we specialise in delivering drone photography and videography services that capture the world from a different perspective. Our team of GVC certified drone pilots ensure the highest standards of safety and professionalism. From estate agent property footage and construction site surveys to public events, and crop surveys, we cover a wide array of applications.

Web Development

Drawing on 15 years of industry experience, OC Digital brings a comprehensive approach to web development. Our expertise spans domains, hosting, and front-end development, ensuring your online presence is as seamless as it is captivating. With our proficiency in WordPress and other cutting-edge technologies, we bring your digital aspirations to life.

Tailored Solutions

Our commitment to crafting tailored websites and rapid prototyping reflects our dedication to understanding your unique requirements. We harness the synergy of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL to transform your digital dreams into reality. Whether it’s optimising existing platforms or pioneering new system developments, OC Digital is your partner in digital innovation.

Visual Storytelling

Beyond our technical prowess, we excel in visual storytelling. Our photography and videography services encompass a myriad of realms, from the depth of portrait photography to the expansive landscapes of real estate. Using both mirrorless cameras and drone technology, we capture perspectives that leave a lasting impact.